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Lord Ganesh 8 Incarnation Avatar in this post I ‘ll tell you about the 8 Incarnations or in Hindi.

The  Avatars in Sanskrit is “descent”; in Hindu mythology, a deity continuously descends from heaven to earth for a specific and particular intent.

8 Avatars/Incarnation of Lord Ganesh:

Sacred Puranas such as the Ganesha Purana and Mudgala Purana state that Lord Ganesh has assumed 8avatars or incarnations, and each incarnation in another epoch and descriptive of one attribute.

Each of the avatars or incarnations had one purpose –which would be to subdue a demon. The distinct incarnations or avatars are

Lord Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 1. Vakratunda (Lord of the Twisted Trunk)

Lord Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 2. Ekadanta (Lord of the Single Tusk)

Lord Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 3. Mahodara (Great-Bellied One)

Lord Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 4.  Gajanana (Elephant-faced One) Lord

Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 5. Lambhodara (Long-Bellied)

Lord Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 6.   Vikata (Misshaped One)

Lord Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 7.  Vighnaraja (King of the World)

Lord Ganesh’s incarnations or Avatar 8.  Dhoomravarna (Smoke-Colored)

Lord Ganesh does have an elephant trunk the every single Ganesh Avatar. The majority of those Lord Ganesh lives to seem to involve in slaying the demons!  But each incarnation or avatar was distinct in some manner. Also, Lord Ganesh’s style of carriage, i.e., the animal that he (Ganesh) rode changed in some particular lifetimes — in one avatar Lord Ganesh mounted a peacock and in another Lord Ganesh traded his ever-reliable mouse, also to get a noble lion!

In each avatar, Lord Ganesh is fought against and conquer to another demon.  Each demon relates to the defect in the human nature, something which has to be overcome before one can develop into a higher Man.

The eight flaws which Lord Ganesh spent eight lifetimes to overcome are:

”  drunkenness, jealousy, illusion, greed, anger, desire, egotism, and self-infatuation (arrogance).”




The first avatar of Ganesha’s is “Vakratunda” (twisted back) that an embodiment of the total impersonal aspect of Godhood known as Brahman in the shape of Ganesha.

A demon named “Matsara” was created from the Pramaada (Heedlessness) of Indra, the king of Gods.   This beast performed severe penance and mimicked the grace of Lord Shiva and got the blessing of fearlessness from Him.

By obtaining the blessing he went about beating all the three worlds, He was coronated as the king of Asuras with their preceptor Sukracharya.

The defeated gods went to Kailash and prayed to Lord Shiva for protection.  On hearing the assignment of gods, Matsara went to Kailash and vanquished Lord Shiva.

When the dinosaurs were at their wit’s end to know what to do next, Lord Dattatreya came there.  He advised that the gods invoked the elegance of Lord Vakratunda and imparted to them the key of this monosyllable mantra “Game”.

Each of the gods such as Lord Shiva did penance accordingly and in last Lord Vakratunda (Lord Ganesh) appeared and the assured them that he would subdue the demon.  The demon was so terrified at the sight of Lord Ganesh in the avatar of  Vakratunda that he surrendered Lord Ganesh and sought refuge at Ganesh’s feet.

And then Lord Ganesh forgave him and revived the lost glory and kingdoms of all of the kings and gods.




The people will call the next avatar as the ‘Ekadanta’ (single tusked). He is the one who won on the demon Madasura. One of the popular sage Chyavana created the Madasura. Chavana is the preceptor of the Asuras. The Asura requires his father’s permission to take action on the Sukracharya. He is the brother of the Chyavana and for the preceptor of the Asuras.

He is prostrated to the Guru and expressed his desire to become the ruler of the entire universe. Sukracharya pleases with his nephew’s entry and initiates him into the Shakti Mantra “Hrim”.

Madasura did penance on this particular headline for centuries.  At last, the deity of the Shakti appeared before him and blessed him with the satisfaction of all his desires. There following the demon went to ferocious battles against all of the kings and the gods and was victorious anywhere. He thus became the ruler of all of the three worlds.

All virtues and the righteousness will vanish completely from the entire world.

He married Saalasa who is the daughter of the Pramada Asura. Finally, he had three children, and they are Vilasi, Lolupa and Dhanapriya. The warrior who is in worried stage reached the Sanat Kumara and asked for his advice to won against the plight.

Sanat Kumara educated them to propitiate Lord Ekadanta, an avatar of Lord Ganesh  And seek his (Ganesh) defence.

Also, he explained the glory of Ekadanta, in which “Eka” stands for “Maya” that the “embodied”. And “Data” to get “Truth (Satta)”.  Thus Ekadantarepresents that the Supreme Truth which wields the Maya. The Devas then meditated upon the Lord Ekadantafor hundreds of years. Pleased by their devotion, Lord Ganesh is appeared before them and assured them that he (Ganesh) would eliminate their miseries.


Narada, the celestial saint, immediately informed Madasura of this blessing given to the gods by Lord Ganesh and the prompted him to wage war against of the Ganesh incarnation as Lord Ekadanta.

The demon got to ready for a battle with Lord Ganesh.  But it also as soon as he reached the battle and beheld the awesome avatar of Ekadanta, all his courage drained away and that he surrendered to Lord Ganesh. The demon then gave up the entire world that he had held under his reign, and sought the Lord Ganesh protection.

Lord Ganesh then told Madasura: “Don’t remain in a place where I’m (Ganesh) worshipped at a Satwic method.  You are happy to enjoy the fruits of actions done with Asuric Bhava”.




The next incarnation or avatar has been of Mahodara (Great-Bellied One)  who vanquished Mohasura, the demon of Delusion and Confusion.

Once again the mouse has been the amount of Ganesha.

The confused nature of the story makes it difficult to comprehend exactly what was going on.  Once Lord Shiva was sunk into the meditation for ages and his showing no signs of the coming from it. Meanwhile, the gods were in need to help.

The Goddess Parvati, therefore, assumed an alluring avatar and wandered around his resting place.  Lord Shiva was attracted back to normal wakeful consciousness by this action, and she left the alluring ‘pay’ to talk.  This abandoned energy avatar turned into a fanatic in its right over the ages and Ganesh subdued it.

Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati are the parents of the Ganesh, so the emotional consequences of this tale make the head spin. Mohasur worshipped the Sun God and achieved the title of Daitya Raja, meaning King of the Demons. Also, he conquered all the three worlds… “All the gods, sages concealed in caves and jungles in dread of him.

There was anarchy around. At this time Surya, the Sun God advises each of the gods to worship Lord Mahodara, i.e., Lord Ganesh.  “All the Gods and the Sages began praying Lord Mahodara (Ganesh). Ganesh was pleased and granted them using a blessing, stating that he (Lord Ganesh) could slay Mohasur himself.  When Shukracharya learns about it, he advises to Mohasur to concedes in front of Lord Ganesh (Lord Mahodara).

Lord Vishu’s Explanation to the Mohasur:

Lord Vishnu also explained to Mohasur that when he surrendered he won’t kill. And he should take the friendship of Lord Mahodara.  By saying this he began praising and singing the glories of Listening to the Mohasur became fearful and he requested Lord Vishnu to bring Lord Mahodara giving him due respect and honour. When Lord Mahodara came, be constantly Mohasur approaches and greets him with pomp and gaiety. He sang his praises and asked for forgiveness for his evil sins.

Mohasur promised that the gods that he would return them their Swargalok and assured constantly be on the path of righteousness. He also promised them that hence forth, he would not want a dare to harass to the Gods and Sages.  Listening to this the Lord Mahodara (Lord Ganesh) was pleased and commanded him to go back into Pataal Lok and never return. All the Gods and the Sages were happy and relaxed. They all began singing the praise of Lord Mahodara (Lord Ganesh).




From the tangled web of inter generational sexuality Lord Ganesh took that the incarnation or an avatar of all Gajanana Orga java Tra (Elephant-faced One) that defeated the demon Lobhasura (Greed or Covetousness). Gajanana means “the Lord with an elephant encounter wants”

Lord Ganesh and the Lobha are the demons which are the symbols of jealousy, they are treasures of the heavens. He once went to the Kailash which is the abode of Lord Shiva. In that place, he got blessings from Lord Shiva and from the Goddess Parvati.

The Goddess (mom of Lord Ganesh) was so beautiful that Kubera appeared at her with lustful eyes.


And by the panic of Kubera, there proved a demon named Lobhasura.  He descended to the planet of Asuras, in which he acquired his education from Sukracharya, the ace of Asuras. He had been initiated to the screenplay “0m Namah Shivaya”. The demon performed penance, and in due course, the Lord (Shiva) looked and blessed him with the boon of fearlessness.

The demon then now went about beating the three worlds and became the sovereign ruler. He then sent a message to Lord Shiva that he would like to rule over Kailash, and that it’d be better when he abandons his abode.

The Lord (Shiva) believed for a little while and decided to leave his house. The gods, tyrannised from the demonic rule, approached sage Raibhya who instructs to pray to the Lord Gajaanana, an incarnation of Lord Ganesh. The Devas started praying in the elegance of Lord Ganesh and hunted the Ganesh protection.

Lord Ganesh blessed him and sent to Lord Vishnu as His (Ganesh) messenger to the demon to apprise him to the strength of Lord Gajaanana (Ganesh).  And  Lobhasura convinced of the Lord Ganesh’sstrength from the avatar or incarnation of Lord Gajaanana and surrendered without putting up a struggle. Thus another avatar i.e. the 3rd avatar of Lord Ganesh incarnates.




The 5th avatar of Lord Ganesh is your Lambhodara Avatar.

When Lord Shiva held this seductive incarnation/avatar, and he struck with passion. Then Lord Vishnu had to give up the Mohini Incarnation/avatar instantly and supposes his usual incarnation/avatar.

Lord Shiva became sad and angry.  The out of the seeds of His disappointment and anger that a dreadful demon was born, Krodhasura. This demon invoked the elegance of the Lord Sun and turned into a mighty king. He wed “Preeti” that the beautiful daughter of Sambarasur and begot two sons in her— Harsha and Soka.

The gods undertook penance to invoke the elegance of Lord Ganesh in the form of Lord Lambodara (Ganesh). The Lord (Ganesh) looked ahead of the other gods and saints, and for the sake of the world, Lord Ganesh subdued Krodhasura and thus ruined his reign from the entire world. And thus this avatar was also finishing.




Lord Ganesh the next incarnation or avatar was of Vikata (“The miss occur”), who subdued the demon of appetite Kama. This demon named is Kamasura, i.e. the embodiment of lust was born from those artefacts of Lord Vishnu. Like all the other demons, Kamasur accepts the preceptor Sukracharya as his disciple.

Kamasutra also performs the penance on Lord Shiva, and after long, long years, once the Lord pleases, he blesses by the Lord. He became the greatest ruler of the three worlds. He was ceremonious marry the Trishna, the girl of Mahishasura, and begot two sons in her, viz.

Shoshana and Dushpoora. The Devas were quite unhappy wanted to get rid of his rule so that they approach Rishi Mudgala for revealing them a way to get rid.  The instructor advised them to meditate on the mantra OM at a place named Mayuresa Kshetra attempt to please Lord Vikata, i.e., to Lord Ganesh, Lord Vikata is the 6th incarnation or avatar of Ganesh.  Pleased by their devotion, Lord Ganes appeared to them at the avatar of Lord Vikata, observed the difficulties and complaints and their reasons for the sadness and worries. Thus, Lord Ganesh, i.e., Lord Vikata battled with the demon and brought about their salvation.




Devotees will call the 7th avatar of Lord Ganesh as the Lord Vighnaraja. It is the sign of the very unusual mode of the conveyance which we call as Sheshnaag or Shasha. However, the Ganesh will manage to subdue the demon Mamasure and regarding the demon of itself.

This is His (Ganesh’s) most popular avatar, known as “The Remover of Obstacles”. Riding his (Lord Ganesh) vehicle named Sheshnag, a serpent, he(Ganesh) strode to the struggle to fight with Mamtasur, and overcame him.”

The Devi Parvati, daughter of Himavan, had married to Lord Shiva (the parents of Lord Ganesh).  Following their marriage, one day after She (Devi Parvati) was relaxing with her friends, she burst out in laughter at a lively mood, and out of her bliss was born a handsome male incarnation/avatar (Mama).


Ganesh prostrates into the Mother, she is amazed at this reflection of the avatar. She asked him to who he is and what he wanted from her. He said that he was born out of her bliss and request to Devi Parvati regarding how Ganesh could serve her, i.e., her, mum.  She called him Mama, as he had been outside of her outburst when she had been swayed by “Maan”, the feeling of Ego. She (Devi Parvati) then taught him to recall Lord Ganesh always, who’d fulfil all his desires.

Mama went into the woods to meditate on Lord Ganesh.

On the way, he met the Sambara Asura. He managed him to tempt him towards the Asuric cult and initiated him towards the demonic process of worship. He married the Mohini and she is the daughter of the Asura who is the chief and the ruler of the three worlds.

And so after a good war, Lord Ganesh subdued Mamasura and recognised righteousness and peace in all the three worlds.




Ganesh has the mouse as his mount in this incarnation or avatar. His (Lord Ganesh) life mission in this incarnation or avatar suppose to defeat the demon Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation.

After, Lord Brahma, the grand sire, bestowed on the Sun deity, the lordship over the ‘universe of actions’ by Karma actions. Under my being the Lord of Karma Rajya, I can consider myself to be the greatest governor of all the worlds.

As this thought passed his ideas, he happened to sneeze and from this sneeze there appeared a fanatic.  He went into the planet of Asuras or demons, and Sukracharya gave him to the name “Aham” because of the birth from the ego of Sun.

He meditated to Lord Ganesh, who appeared before him in the incarnation or avatar of Lord Dhumravarna(Smoke-Colored) and blessed him to function as sovereign ruler of all of the three worlds. The Aham married “Mamata”, daughter of Pramadasura, and begot two sons in her called Garva and Sreshta.

The Devas began meditating upon Lord Ganesh for salvation as they tires of this demonic principle of Aham and wanted to get out of it. The Lord (Ganesh) descended to their rescue-ere long. Lord Ganesh at the avatar of Lord Dhoomravarna, subdued the demon Aham. Consequently published the three worlds out of his rule.

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