Why do Hindus Celebrate Ganesh Visarjan

Why do Hindus Celebrate Ganesh Visarjan: Spiritual Healing of Hindus across sects and sampradayas believe in the ephemeral material world. We are reminded that an image (physical depiction) is not really the Supreme Being.

In actuality, it is through devotion that our hearts imbibe the divine spirit where he then resides. Puja in this method makes it possible for us to experience the spirit of the Supreme through all the physical senses.

Why do Hindus Celebrate Ganesh Visarjan?

Why do Hindus Celebrate Ganesh Visarjan

Why do Hindus Celebrate Ganesh Visarjan

This destiny all living creatures including humans as life is fleeting and once the spirit departs from our body, the corporeal form then perishes and returns to the natural elements. It is only to reconstitute the process in another human body in another life span. Similarly, once the presiding deity departs from the Murti, its physical manifestation is subsequently returned to character, just to be reanimated the following year.  The imbibed spirit nevertheless remains in the hearts of the devotees and enriches their lives.

Who started the Ganesh Chaturthi festival at first?

As rightly said by Raunak Rathi, this festival was popularised by Lokmanya Tilak. He did it to promote local congregations during the British RajHinduism believes in the worship of God in a form as well as the state.

One reason why idol worship is effective is that it is easy for human beings to relate to a form.  (That is the reason why even religions which oppose the concept of God being in a position to take a form, worship idols of messengers of God). For 10 days we worship the last being in the symbolic form of Lord Ganesha and then immerse him in the ocean, which is a sign of infinite. This symbolism motivates us to learn to perceive the divine presence in all living and non-living things of this infinite world. Devotees will call this day as Anant Chaturdashi.

Why do Hindus celebrate Ganpati Visarjan? 

After people doing the puja as per the Shastras, they have to immerse the Ganesh idol or pyramid which the manufacturers made with Turmeric in water. They have to pour that water at the beginning of the tree.

Later this became a Nationwide festival each year. Our Ganapathi Bappa which is eco-friendly and who comes once a year but which brings so much of delights and fills our depressed heart with hopes and happiness.

How to reduce the hatred towards the Hinduism?

Hinduism has always preached to disperse love even if u are dealing with your own enemy. We’re human beings, and we have a tendency to make mistakes.

Not everyone will recognise the mistakes immediately, but few know this later and feel guilty about it. Then they feel guilty and awful and sad and ask for forgiveness.

This procedure cleans a man’s heart. Only an honest person is good for society otherwise you know what is happening in India and other countries right now.  In the western world, if u give someone a gun they understand just 2 things either to kill others or else to kill themselves.

Use of the festivals:

The exact crap is coming to India because people like you don’t know how to live life. Our ancestors have worked hard did Tapasya and learned how to live life. After a lot of years, we still possess them. So many people tried destroying us and our culture, but we’re still here. Indians never had problems or suicide or depression but thank folks like you and western missionaries our childhood is confused now. When we celebrate our customers we concede you to God and ask their companionship in our home and blessings that we may not hurt anybody, we may not lie in our businesses. We might help poor and needy people, please give us happiness and money (shubh laxmi) which we use it in great deeds.

What Prayers Offer the Devotees?

When u do all these prayers that demonstrate that you are trying to be a human being irrespective of your own past.  And if only you become a good human being you can have children and create a society. If you do not celebrate, you won’t get them. And when you don’t pray you won’t feel sorry about your misdeed which indirectly encourages you to do things which are not great for a person, family, society, community and country. Try to celebrate each festival.

We’re blessed to have festivals each week and on each day. So that there is no way we can be miserable. Whenever you are feeling low take a calendar or panchang definetly, there will be some festival that day. Have a bath and wear washed fabrics, go sit in the front of God, tell him you love him. You should thank him for completing and regardless of what you will always love that mischievous Krishna. If possible go to temple get a positive vibe. Let’s mind become confident by eating prasadam. Live life this way & view changes. So, celebrate life and religions which make life beautiful and peaceful with togetherness and love.

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