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A Brief History of Religion Ganesh Chaturthi. It is not necessary to immerse the idol in the flowing water. During the time of immersion, keep the unbroken rice grain onto the hand of Ganapati and move the idol slightly. After that maintain the idol at some place in the home. Next year the idol can be committed and worshipped. Here is the article which tells us the methods of Ganesh immersion.

Methods of Ganesh Immersion:

Methods of Ganesh Immersion

Methods of Ganesh Immersion

Charged with the Ganesh Principle. With the evaporation of the water charged with the Ganesh Principle, the entire environment also becomes sattvic. In some places, the reservoirs don’t have enough water for immersion of the Ganesh idol. In other places, the source of water is not appropriate.

Spiritual Experience of Immersing Ganesh Idol:

The spiritual experience of immersing the idol of Ganesh is as follows:

Following the arati, the idol should be immersed in flowing water. Nowadays many organisations make appeals to donate the idols of water. The Scriptures have laid down some remedies. They depend on if the idol is broken after consecration there is no need of immersion.

Due to this ritualistic worship, the idol of Sri Ganeshji is perceiving bliss (Anand) about the faces of the people participating in the procession to get it.

The comparison percentage between the ritualistic worship and the devotional songs is 55%.

It is the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent Deities to know the people them as a donation. Hence giving and taking the idols of Deities as donation amounts to the denigration of the deities.

When taking the Sri Ganesh idol for immersion, one should confirm whether it is same as it is inspiring for everyone.

Hence, one should not denigrate our reverence’s chairs with the Ganesh idols.

Why ‘donating the idol’ is unscientific? 

Some say it is necessary to immerse the idol in the floating water.

In crisis situations, instead of an idol, utilize a nut and should be attracted and worshipped. Worship it in the form of a logo of Sri Ganeshji. Immerse the nut in a little well or spring.

For a new idol, it is necessary to do the immersion.

Once after the completion of doing the prayers to the Ganesh as per our desire, people have to take it for the immersion. They should dip it in the water so that the breakage will take place.

Notably, on the day of Sri Ganesh Chaturthi lasts for a day. That is why the idol should be immersed in water that day or the following day, after performing ritualistic worship.

The process of immersion:

  1. We will bring the idol of Sri Ganesh for worshipping it.
  2. People should select the fresh metal idol, and then they have to start worshipping.
  3. Soon after the completion of the doing pujas, we should visit the near sea, or river, or reservoir of water.
  4. Make sure whether we dip it in the flowing water.
  5. We have to do it perfectly because it is not the piece of toy.

Devotees will call the process of worshipping and dipping it in the flowing water as ‘Seva’.

Individuals should do the remedies after breakage of the ideal.

After happening the breakage of the idol, we should do the Uttar puja. Uttarpuja means celebrating (bidding) the farewell to Sri Ganeshji along with reverence.

The various reasons why ‘donating the idol’ is unscientific:

Our own instruct others and hands. This simple action will contribute to the mission of Dharma.

As far as possible all the members of the family should get the spiritual experience in context to the Sri Ganeshji putting forth reasons like water pollution, drought etc..  These organisations take the idols as a donation and later they will dip them in the stone mines.

Is it appropriate to throw the idol of the Deity worshipped ardently in this manner?

However, the Man doesn’t Have the capacity to give or accept the reason underlying why the metal idol need not be immersed in idol ought to be worshipped.

Immersion in Flowing Water:

Flowing water: By consecrating a new metal idol and worshipping it, the Ganesh principle infuses in the idol. For immersion purpose, once the idol is shaken slightly, the people will get the expulsion of the principle. It is not essential to worship such idol daily.  Next year the makers will reconstruct the idol, and we can do prayers to that one.

One Incidence Happened in 2007: 

In 2007, at 5 pm we abandoned the house for going to the immersion of the Sri Ganesh idol in a rickshaw.  However, the rickshaw would not start.  We made all attempts to begin it, but it wouldn’t budge.  It was then that my sister realised that we had forgotten to bring together the provisions for the trip made for Sri Ganeshji.  She asked her husband to acquire the provisions. The rickshaw started immediately upon bringing them, and we were able to go for the immersion of the idol.  Sri Ganeshji Himself took care that our seva doesn’t remain incomplete.

The idol makers should surrender themselves at the God’s Holy feet while making it. They should devote to the god while offering the holy sacrament (naivedya) and they have to perform the holy sacrament.

Techniques of ‘immersion of idols’ in emergency situations:

Decoration which could be given after usage to a different. Accordingly, we had been proceeding with the procession along with the group of people chanting the Sri Ganeshji name throughout the way. Sometimes we would also hail the Sri Ganeshji name or slogans regarding him.  At the time bliss was perceived on the faces of the people participating in the procession. Due to chanting, the idols of Gouri and Sri Ganeshji were immersed in water amidst an atmosphere filled with spiritual emotion. After that, we enquired with the people of the village concerning the procession. They said that an ideal procession ought to be like this just. Additionally offer curd, puffed rice, coconut, sweet delicacy (Modak) etc. provisions for the journey.

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